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Do you need an EQUINE release form for your stable or any other legal form?

You can find the following equine forms and many others at US Legal Forms: releases, boarding agreements, lease agreements, bill of sales, breeding forms, pre-purchase forms, promissory notes for financing a horse, stallion service contract, any many more. (As always, we recommend you have your own attorney review any legal document you use.)

Follow this link for access to the hundreds of Equine and other legal forms.

Equine Liability Statutes – Many states have enacted Equine Liability Statutes. Please follow this link to read about your state’s equine liability statute. These statutes do not take away your need for liability insurance; however, they help deter lawsuits and, if there is a suit, gives the court intent.

Insurance Glossary – Access this link to find a glossary of insurance terms.

Profitable Horseman – Doug Emerson specializes in helping professional horsemen find new and better methods to add to the profitability of their businesses. Find it here.

Equine Jewelry – If you are looking for quality equine jewelry, you should visit Bow River Jewelry.

CLAIMS INFORMATION : When should I turn in a claim?

This is a question we hear often from our clients and wanted to give you some guidelines

If you have a property claim, you choose if you want to turn in the claim or if you want to pay the loss yourself.

If you want the insurance company to review for reimbursement, you need to notify us in a timely manner.

If you have a liability incident (property damage or bodily injury to a third party), you should notify us or the company as soon as the incident occurs – even if there is no claim for payment from the injured party. The company will attempt to settle the claim before attorneys are needed to be involved. Never make promises of payment or discuss this with the injured party beyond their initial request for payment. Let them know you have turned it in to the insurance company and communication should be handled with the adjuster.

Your mortality policy states that you are to turn in any accident, sickness or disease.  When dealing with a minor incident (sniffles, cold, minor cut), we use the guideline of calling in the claim when you have to call vet out for a second time or if the problem has deteriorated. However, anything else should be turned in right away – even if you don’t intend to be reimbursed. Any time there is a life-threatening situation (such as colic), you should contact the claims department immediately and get the adjuster communicating with your vet.

By not turning in a claim in a timely manner, you could void your coverage. Mortality/medical policies are one-year policies and start over each year.  Most will have a guaranteed mortality renewal meaning the company will not exclude coverage on mortality for the following year; however, they can write exclusions on the medical portion. Exclusions are determined by the history of the horse – not whether a claim was paid. Mortality policies automatically exclude pre-existing conditions whether the company was notified of an incident or not.  Some exclusions can be removed once the horse is no longer exhibiting symptoms and has been back to work for a specific time-period.

You can call our agency (800-842-9021) with a claim (or questions) or you can call the insurance company directly. We include claims numbers with the policies (in the policy letter) and here are the numbers for each company.

American Reliable (American Bankers) (policy # starts with SL, FSL) – 800-245-1505

American Equine (Diamond State/Argonaut) (policy # starts with AEL, ARL, ARE, ELP, EMP) – 800-783-9418

Celina Mutual (policy # is all numbers)  – 800-552-5181

Great American (mortality) (policy # starts with AMP) – 800-331-0211

Hartford Insurance (mortality) (policy # starts with 87-MFP) – 800-295-1815 (after hours 800-427-4875)

Chubb Agribusiness (ACE) (policy # starts with FO) – 515-559-1201

Travelers Insurance (policy # starts with numbers and letters in middle) – 800-832-7839