Fake News, Videos and More Launch Year of 2020 Election Scams

This article is from Scambuster.org. Although we won’t be voting for about a year for our President and other elected representatives, election scams are already rife. And we can expect them to get worse. The closer we get to November 3, 2020, the more we’re likely to be targeted by online scammers. Last year, we […]

Credit Scoring

Does My Credit Score Affect My Insurance Premiums? What is a “credit score”?Your “credit score” (i.e., the number you can obtain from any one of the three major credit bureaus—Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) is a number that tells financial institutions like banks and insurance, credit card, and mortgage companies, among others, whether you are likely […]

Self insured?

I read an article that said the Notre Dame Cathedral was most likely self-insured. What does this mean? Basically, being self-insured means you have decided to accept the risk of loss yourself. If you self-insure your house for property damage, for example, you are taking on the financial responsibility to repair any damages from a […]

How to Prepare Ahead of Extreme Weather

This article is from the NAIC and provides pertinent information concerning Extreme weather. With a rise in extreme weather, disaster planning is essential to survival and recovery Unpredictable weather patterns are more frequent now than ever, with more intense weather activity throughout the country. No matter where you live, now is the time to prepare. […]