Safety Tips

From Franklin County Sheriff

Safety Tips for Your Home
• Lock door and windows whether you are home or not. Make it a nightly routine to check the locks.
• Hang a bell on the door. Anyone entering your home will trigger this simple, unobtrusive alarm.
• Keep your house well lit at night to discourage criminals. Motion detecting flood lights are a great option.
• Use highly visible and easy to read house numbers so law enforcement can effortlessly identify your home.
• Under door mats, flower pots or fake rocks are the first place a criminal will look. Instead, give a key to a trusted neighbor.
• Have a family safety plan. The best defense against home invasion is planning and communication.
• Invest in an alarm system to protect you, your home, and your belongings.
• Join a Neighborhood Watch program. These programs build cohesive neighborhoods that help reduce crime. Call the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Community Relations for more information at 614.525.4507.

Safety Tips while Traveling
• If you are traveling, create a “lived-in” look. Do not let newspapers, mail, or fliers accumulate in front of your door. Have your mail delivery held or have a trusted neighbor or friend pick it for you.
• When traveling, set a few lights and appliances to switch on and off with a digital timer. A loud TV or radio can be a deterrent.
• Keep valuables away from windows and doors where they can be seen from the outside.
• Call your local law enforcement agency to see if they provide home checks while you are away.
• Most importantly, do not enter your home if it looks like it has been illegally entered. Leave the premises and call the police.

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