Holidays approaching

The holidays are quickly approaching as I’m sure you have already seen Christmas decorations in many stores. It seems like the advertisers are rushing us through the end of the year.

One place you should rush is reviewing your insurance needs. Have you purchased any items this year or plan to for Christmas that you need to look at adding to your insurance policy?

Many people are considering purchasing a horse for the first time or adding to their growing family. Be sure to contact us early in the process so we can advise you what forms you may need. And as many of our companies will have holiday hours and we want to be sure we get your paperwork submitted and approved before the purchase so you have peace of mind while the horse is being transported. Give us a call at 614-875-3755 for a no-obligation, free quote.

Are you looking to purchase your dream place with a barn for your horses? With the real estate market still moving quickly you should call us at the beginning of the process when searching for a new place. If you are selling your place, be sure to refer your agent to the buyers to make their buying experience easier and it is a great way to thank your insurance agent for the service they’ve given you over the years.

Fry’s Equine Insurance Agency will be here to help you with your equine insurance needs. Whether you are looking to buy a horse or a horse farm or you need to insure your equine business, our agents will take the time to listen to you and answer questions so you feel good about buying the insurance policy you need. Call us at 614-875-3711 or 614-875-3755.